Rental Equipment


Special liftings

At HPS-A.Hilios Ship Repairs we are able to undertake complex lifting operations with absolute safety. All our machinery are in excellent condition, supplied from countries of the European Uninon and according standards of the international organizations.


Waste Management




Crawler chanes


Mobile cranes


Truck mounted cranes

Hydroblasting equipment

We are proud of our massive equipment and this stands as one of our strong advantages. We have won a worthy reputation for our works’ quality, using continually updated mechanical equipment, machines with new technology purchased only from EU countries, and working methods environmentally friendly in line with the highest international standards. At HPS we dispose of many machineries consisting among others of more than 15 hydroblasting machines in a range between 100 – 3500bar. which we provide for rent.

Special transportations

HPS A.Hilios can serve your needs for special transport (eg. wind turbines), with a complete fleet of transport vehicles with a carrying capacity over 900 tons (with modular trailer) and a numerous variety of accessories for special requests.

We offer special transport tractors, telescopic trailers (up to 45 meters) and accompanying vehicles. In order to ensure absolute safety, our transport equipment can also be offered as manned.

To ensure a smooth and safe transport, if deemed necessary, the transport’s route is inspected in detail and improvements or solutions are proposed prior to any execution.



We are here for your needs

We are 24/7 available to offer you our TUV certified services (ISO9001:2015), with an immediate on-site response.