Overland Services


Overland services in Hilios A.

A. Hilios Ltd. offers a comprehensive approach to cleanliness and environmental management, with services such as industrial cleaning, waste management and oil removal, providing the appropriate standards of health and safety regulations.

We also manage wind farm installations and maintenance. A. Hilios Ltd. ensures safety, cleanliness and environmental sustainability in shipyard facilities by responding adequately to emergencies involving hazardous substances.

Cleaning of land facilities

A. HILIOS ltd. offers certified cleaning services for industrial sites, highways and buildings. For industrial facilities such as fuel storage tanks and machine shops we use suction pumps, hydraulic and sandblasting machines.

Cleaning industrial sites presents many benefits, such as improving safety and productivity, and reducing pollution.

Techniques for effective cleaning include using advanced cleaning equipment and implementing strategies that reduce the impact on the environment.

Maintenance is vital to maintaining the effectiveness of cleaning processes and protecting the health of workers.

We can carry out any type of cleaning by technical or chemical means providing the appropriate standards of health and safety rules.






Wind farms



Specialized Equipment for Cleaning

During the cleaning operations, A. Hilios Ltd. uses specialized equipment, such as suction pumps, hydraulic and sandblasting machines, to ensure the efficiency and safety of the processes.

The company offers a wide range of environmental cleaning services that directly contribute to the protection of biodiversity and the improvement of the quality of life of the people living and working near the facilities it manages.

In addition, A. Hilios Ltd applies innovative cleaning methods that combine the latest technology with industry best practices.

Wind turbine erection & service

At A.Hilios, apart from transport and lifting operations, we are able to provide the necessary personnel for the electromechanical assembly of wind turbines.

The company has solid expertise in the management and maintenance of wind turbines, key to the efficient operation of wind farms.

Our services range from transport and lifting of wind turbines to electromechanical assembly. This is achieved using state-of-the-art equipment and skilled personnel, offering reliable renewable energy solutions to the wind energy industry.

A. HILIOS Ltd. has developed partnerships with market leading companies, demonstrating its commitment to providing high quality services. With its unparalleled expertise and attention to detail, it guarantees the smooth operation and performance of wind farms.

Cleaning & disposal of oil residues

At HPS- A. Hilios Ship Repairs we undertake waste management projects and environmental issues and always present in emergency situations. The waste management function includes the collection and final disposal of the waste collected. We always complete projects within the strictly agreed schedule.


Waste Management


Oil, Chemical Spill


HNS Respones

Chemical Pollutant Response

A. Hilios Ltd. is expanding in the provision of measures to deal with chemical contaminants in its facilities. Through chemical analysis, the company identifies the challenges presented and seeks solutions.

In this context, staff training is vital. Our team members are equipped with the necessary knowledge to deal with risks and prevent pollution.

In conclusion, A. Hilios Ltd. offers comprehensive dry dock services for shipyards, including:

  • Cleaning of industrial sites, highways and buildings
  • Waste management
  • Cleaning and disposal of oil residues

The company uses specialized equipment to perform these services efficiently.

In addition, A. Hilios Ltd. also handles chemical pollution incidents and provides support for the installation and maintenance of wind farms.

These services underline the company’s commitment to maintaining cleanliness, safety and environmental health in the shipyard facilities and surrounding areas. In addition, A. Hilios Ltd. ensures that all operations adhere to strict environmental standards.

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