General ship repairs – ship maintenance services shipyard in Greece

Α. Ηilios Shipyard in Greece is the standard in marine maintenance, offering a comprehensive portfolio of general ship repair services and providing customized solutions to the full range of ship repair needs.

From structural integrity assessments and hull refurbishment to mechanical repairs and systems upgrades, Α. Ηilios ensures that every project is aligned with strict maritime safety and operational standards.

Our ship repair services are meticulously designed to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring that ships are not only returned to operational condition, but also with increased reliability and safety.

Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology and managed by a team of experienced professionals, allowing for the timely and efficient restoration of vessels to their optimal condition. With a focus on precision, reliability and customer satisfaction, Α. Ηilios Shipyard remains a trusted partner in the marine industry.


Importance of ship maintenance

While the comprehensive services offered by Hilios Shipyard ensure increased reliability and safety, regular ship maintenance is an essential practice that contributes significantly to the longevity and optimal performance of marine vessels. Thorough ship maintenance is not simply a matter of regulatory compliance, but a fundamental aspect of marine operations that ensures efficiency and reduces the possibility of unforeseen malfunctions.

For ship owners and ship operators, entrusting their vessels to Α. Ηilios Shipyard means working with a partner who understands the critical nature of ship maintenance. It is this understanding, combined with a proven track record, that makes our yard the best choice for marine vessel maintenance.


general ship repairs ship maintenance services shipyard in greece
general ship repairs at ship maintenance services shipyard in greece


Advantages of professional repair

Α. Ηilios Shipyard’s professional repair services offer distinct advantages, ensuring that ships not only meet but exceed the stringent requirements of shipping operations and safety standards. Α. Ηilios Shipyard’s skillful use of the latest technology and equipment raises the standard of repair work beyond the conventional scope. The experienced team, which consists of seasoned engineers and skilled technicians, has a wealth of expertise, ensuring that every repair is carried out with unparalleled precision.

Α. Ηilios Shipyard’s professional services are carefully designed to enhance the reliability and performance of ships. Through comprehensive diagnostics and rigorous testing, the yard identifies and repairs even the most subtle faults, reducing the risk of unforeseen malfunctions. Such preventive measures are vital to optimise the longevity and operational efficiency of the vessel.

In addition, adherence to international maritime regulations concerns compliance, maritime safety ethics and environmental management.


Integrated range of services

Our range of ship repair services includes everything from minor maintenance to major repairs, ensuring that vessels remain in top condition. The facility’s comprehensive range of services is designed to meet the multi-faceted needs of shipping companies, offering a full range of repair and maintenance activities.

This includes sophisticated hull work, ranging from damage restoration to complete refurbishment, ensuring structural integrity and hydrodynamic performance.

The shipyard’s engineering expertise is formidable, providing complex repairs, overhauls and machinery replacements. Technicians with specialist knowledge deal with complex propulsion systems, generators and auxiliary equipment, optimising power efficiency and reliability.

The yard’s electrical services are equally comprehensive, including full-scale reconnections, diagnostic systems and state-of-the-art installations for navigation.

The team works diligently to update safety equipment and regulatory compliance audits to guarantee that vessels not only meet but exceed global safety standards.

Each service is performed by a team of experienced professionals whose qualifications ensure safety in every job undertaken. For ship owners, this translates into increased ship longevity, reduced downtime and compliance with regulatory mandates, resulting in a distinct competitive advantage in the shipping industry.


general ship repairs ship maintenance services shipyard in greece
general ship repairs ship maintenance services shipyard in greece


Hull maintenance techniques

Based on a comprehensive range of services, Α. Ηilios Shipyard uses advanced hull maintenance techniques to ensure optimum structural integrity and performance of vessels. Recognising the critical role of the hull in overall maritime safety, Α. Ηilios utilises cutting-edge technologies to address the various challenges associated with the maintenance of marine vessels.

The shipyard’s multi-faceted approach includes sophisticated anti-corrosion protection systems, using both cathodic protection and high performance coatings to prevent the widespread problem of metal deterioration. In areas where the hull has been damaged, skilled technicians competently perform plate renewal procedures, expertly cutting and welding to restore hull soundness. Non-destructive testing methods, such as ultrasonic thickness measurements and magnetic particle inspection, are meticulously applied to identify underlying defects without compromising the structure of the vessel.


Machinery recovery procedures

In addition to engine repair, Α. Ηilios Shipyard offers comprehensive engine restoration procedures, which include a range of services aimed at refurbishing and upgrading the various mechanical systems of a ship.

At Α. Ηilios , engine restoration goes beyond simple repair; it involves a thorough overhaul aimed at enhancing operational performance and reliability.

The shipyard team delves deeper into condition assessment, using advanced diagnostics to identify degradation and potential failure points. Each restoration process is tailored to the specific needs of the vessel, taking into account the mechanical requirements of its marine duties.

From hydraulic systems to auxiliary machinery, Α. Ηilios Shipyard uses the latest technology and techniques to restore each component to its optimum condition. This includes implementing improvements that may not have been part of the original design, thus extending the life of the machinery and bringing it in line with modern performance standards.


Safety compliance procedures

Ensuring the seaworthiness of each vessel, Α. Ηilios Shipyard strictly adheres to the latest safety compliance procedures to meet international maritime regulations. Emphasizing the utmost importance of maritime safety, the shipyard incorporates comprehensive protocols ranging from risk assessments to emergency response drills, ensuring that every aspect of ship repair is aligned with strict safety standards.

The shipyard’s safety compliance is rooted in the International Safety Management (ISM) Code, which requires the establishment of a Safety Management System (SMS). This system is meticulously designed to minimise the risk of accidents and environmental damage. The SMS includes critical aspects such as the maintenance of the ship’s equipment, compliance with operational protocols and the competence of the crew in handling hazardous situations.

In addition, Α. Ηilios Shipyard monitors updates from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and other regulatory bodies, incorporating best practices into its safety procedures. Regular audits and inspections by certified inspectors ensure that every repair project is carried out with an unwavering commitment to safety and environmental preservation.

This dedication to safety compliance not only enhances the shipyard’s reputation, but also ensures the long-term operational integrity and reliability of the vessels it maintains.


general ship repairs ship maintenance services shipyard in greece
general ship repairs ship maintenance services shipyard in greece


Specialised staff

At the core of Α. Ηilios Shipyard’s advanced repair technologies is a team of highly skilled professionals, each of whom is expertly trained to provide top-notch repair services on a variety of marine vessels. This team of experienced specialists, from shipbuilders to marine engineers, embodies the skill required to tackle complex repairs with precision and efficiency. Their comprehensive knowledge is not merely theoretical, allowing them to diagnose and resolve complex issues that arise in the ship’s multi-faceted systems.

The competence of Α. Ηilios ‘ staff is further enhanced by continuous professional development, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of industry developments. This commitment to continuous development translates into the ability to apply the latest repair techniques and utilise cutting-edge technologies, thus maintaining the shipyard’s competitive advantage. The repair team’s proficiency in navigating the strict regulatory framework of marine operations assures customers of the yard’s adherence to safety and environmental standards.


Distinctions of Α. Ηilios Shipyard

In the competitive landscape of shipbuilding, Α. Ηilios Shipyard is distinguished by its unparalleled expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and strategic location.

The yard’s proficiency stems from decades of experience in shipbuilding engineering and technology, ensuring that every repair project meets the most demanding standards of quality and performance.

The facility has a range of advanced technological equipment and dry docks that can accommodate vessels of various sizes, from coastal merchant vessels to large container ships. This capacity is complemented by a dedicated workforce whose technical acumen is continuously improved through rigorous training and exposure to numerous ship repair scenarios.

In addition, the yard’s commitment to quality service is reflected in its adherence to strict international regulations and proactive approach to environmental management. By incorporating sustainable practices, Α. Ηilios not only upholds its social responsibility, but also provides its customers with the assurance that their ships are maintained with a progressive mindset that prioritizes ecological considerations alongside quality.


Contact Α. Ηilios Shipyard

The main means of contact is the dedicated customer service department, which can be reached by telephone on +30 2104020304 / +30 2104020357 or by email at This ensures a rapid response from an experienced representative equipped to provide comprehensive information and schedule consultations.

For those wishing a more direct contact, Α. Ηilios Shipyard offers an online enquiry form on its website. This platform facilitates detailed requests and preliminary discussions about specific repair needs, allowing for a personalized approach to each vessel’s requirements. The yard’s commitment to accuracy is reflected in its communication procedures, which are designed to expedite accurate service delivery.

In addition, Α. Ηilios Shipyard extends invitations to potential clients for site visits, allowing first-hand assessment of the facilities and direct interaction with the technical team. This opportunity underlines the yard’s transparency and assures decision-makers of the yard’s ability to handle complex naval repairs.

To serve international customers, multilingual support is available, reflecting the global nature of the shipping industry and the yard’s readiness to work with a diverse customer base. Each point of contact is structured to ensure that customer queries are not only received, but dealt with with the utmost competence and urgency.


Customized solutions

Α. Ηilios recognizes the diverse needs of its customers, offering customized repair solutions for a variety of maritime challenges. Understanding that each vessel has its own operational profile and technical specifications, our facilities are equipped to develop and implement customized repair strategies that meet each shipowner’s unique requirements.

Our approach is consultative and collaborative, ensuring that each customized solution not only adheres to the highest industry standards but also aligns with the client’s specific objectives. Whether it’s retrofitting advanced technology, carrying out specialist modifications to the vessel, or addressing complex regulatory compliance issues, our team of experienced engineers and technicians are ready to deliver excellence.

In summary, Α. Ηilios Shipyard is emerging as a key institution in the maritime sector, providing a wide range of superior repair and maintenance services essential for the longevity of ships and compliance with international standards.

The integration of state-of-the-art technology, skilled professionals and a customer-focused approach make us a standard in the maritime industry.