Electrical works


The “Electrical works” service includes a range of specialised electrical work for ships. These tasks are important for the safe and efficient operation of ships and industrial plants.

Services Provided:

1. Repair and construction of electrical installations on ships: Includes the repair and construction of new electrical systems on ships to ensure their smooth operation.

2. Repair and installation of automation and control systems: Installation and repair of automation systems that control various ship functions.

3. Design and construction of distribution boards: Design and installation of centralised distribution boards for the management of electricity on board ships.

4. Repair and maintenance of electric motors and generators: Rebuilding and maintenance of electrical engines and generators to increase their efficiency.

5. Inspection and repair of automatic voltage regulation systems for generators: Inspection and repair of automatic generator voltage regulation systems.

Our service provides a full range of electrical work, offering advanced solutions to ensure safe and efficient operations.

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Inspection of electric switchboard

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Renewal of electric cables

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Overhauling of electric motors

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