Machinery & fitting works


The service “Machinery and fitting works”, as provided by Hilios A., is a complete cycle of work related to the repair, renovation and construction of ships.

The company carries out all types of metalwork and has established certified procedures in accordance with the requirements of the classification society and international standards.

Our specialized services include:


Mechanical Services:

  • Maintenance and repair of engines and generators.
  • Testing and repair of fuel injection pumps and various control systems.
  • Alignment with and use of laser equipment.
  • Repair and maintenance of water and oil removal systems.
  • Repair and maintenance of pumps, air compressors and other systems.
  • Use of certified technicians and endoscopy equipment.
  • Repair and diagnostic testing of remote controls and electronic systems.


Electrical Services:

  • Manufacture of switches and control panels.
  • Repair of electrical and electronic equipment in both the marine and industrial sectors.
  • Repairs of power systems and centralised alarm systems in both marine and industrial applications.
  • Electrical installations and safety equipment.


Hilios A. has equipped facilities with girders, cranes and high quality tools and machinery, guaranteeing high quality work.

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